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Opportunities       for Churches

Released Time Bible Programs are one of the best ways for churches to reach local youth and build relationships in their community. 

"For years we tried getting into our local schools. Jason helped get us in within months."
- Pastor P. Folger, Cleveland Baptist Church

Program benefits

God has used this ministry to teach and encourage many young people in our local schools.  Many youth have also come to our youth group and families have visited our church. We have made many local contacts through our Released Time Ministry.

Program Options

Depending on a church's resources and goals, there are different options for programs. Programs vary from once-a-month to once-a-week. All programs give local churches the opportunity to reach and teach local youth and get connected to their community. 

Where do we start?

If you are considering this ministry or want to know more, reach out to us! After evaluating your resources and determining your goals, we can begin to approach your local school. Time and time again we have seen God open doors to establish these programs.

Do you want to know more about starting a Released Time Bible Program?

  • How many people does it take?

  • Where do we take the students?

  • How do we contact the school?

Feel free to call us at (330)256-1318,
or email us at

We are willing to help your church start it's own program in your school at no cost. Are you willing to pray for and support us as we reach next thee generation?

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