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About Us

Over the past few years, we have seen the benefits of Released Time Programs for schools, students, and churches. We want to help others see this great opportunity that we have before us.


Home church

RisenYouth Ministries began in 2018 out of First Freedom Baptist Church. What started out as a local middle school outreach has expanded into multiple schools in multiple districts.


By God's grace, with your prayers and support, we can continue to establish Released Time Programs in more schools to reach and encourage more students.

Ministry Director

Jason is currently the youth pastor at First Freedom Baptist Church and the director of RisenYouth Ministries. He has a wife named Keri and a son named Ezekiel.

Jason, Keri, and the RisenYouth team work together to provide lunch, transportation, and a Bible study for participating students.

"Young people that are not willing to attend church are willing to attend our Released Time Programs."

Jason Urchek, RisenYouth Director

Current Program

Some of our current programs

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